Allotment Summer Update 2020

July was another busy month. With the weather, being wetter not all of our crops were successful. The potatoes had some slug damage but those that were edible were delicious. We continued to have our socially distanced stalls with a sign outside inviting people to come in and help themselves (we only ask for a donation from those who can afford to). People loved being able to get fresh produce and see where it came from.

The fruit beds produced lots of fruit this year so that meant lots of jam. Also the first of the chutneys were made. We gained 2 new volunteers who have proved to be great assets.

August was another busy month. An abundance of fruit has meant the jam kept coming and so did the people to buy. Again, the chutneys were popular with the same people coming back asking for more.

Every Monday and Friday evening our volunteers came to the allotment and worked really hard maintaining, weeding stimming, etc. We had endless beans, garlic, onions, marrows, tomatoes, etc. Celery was a first for us this year. There is a difference in taste between shop bought and homegrown and our consumers were testament to this!

Our flower beds look so good with the wildflowers looking particularly stunning.

September has seen sunny days but the darker evenings meaning less time on the allotment as most of us work during the day. Our crops have been amazing and once again our stalls have been popular.

It’s such a shame the Whitefield Horticultural Show (which we have entered each year since we started) has been canceled. We are sure we would have won prizes again this year as we have all the other years. Especially with our pumpkin which still keeps on growing.

There are still plenty of crops available for people to have and the last of the fruit has just been made into jam although chutneys will still continue to be made as crops are still producing. The only problem is finding enough jars!!

An autumn update will follow.

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